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Email Marketing Plans

Email Marketing Plans

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.


When talking on regular basis and keeping your clients posted about what’s going on, it keeps the relationship healthy.

What is Email Marketing?

Keeping your clients close to you by sending them emails about latest offers, sales, deals or information about your product or service. This is where your Ideal Clients get to know you better. They meet you. This process is like dating. You don’t want to pull out the ring on the first date!

How we do Email Marketing?

Build trust and turn visitors into customers with a great follow up email series. We can work in any system and assist you with copy writing and editing. Take your time introducing yourself and your services or products to your tribe. Engage them with educational or entertaining tips while you promote your products. The more your clients are engaged the more willing to buy they will be.

Our Email team can assist you in creating the best funnel for your product or service.

  • Get them to subscribe

    The first step would be to get in touch with your customers and the easier way is to make them subscribe for a weekly or monthly newsletter.

  • Keep them engaged

    The next stage would be to send them regular updates about what you are doing next and perhaps give them a heads up whenever something cool comes up.

  • Start selling them

    Last step is to actually sell them what you promised them in the first place but you don’t want to over sell something than you actually can.

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